Review on Elevation Training mask 2.0

Nowadays, the elevation training mask is a most popular breathing device as like the military gas masks. When compared to version 1, the elevation training mask 2.0 is much simpler and does not restrict any eye vision. This type of training mask is widely used, especially during the various types of physical exercises by people who practise extreme sports, yoga, mountain climbing and martial arts and so on. However, this is just like any other breathing gadget, which is similar to the expand-a-lung, power breathe and many other devices.

At present, this device is highly used by numerous exercising and athletes people for sports as well as running. This training mask can also be considered as the health effects of the top altitude training mask and make a big impact on body oxygenation and oxygen transport. Before using this device, it is important to understand the usage of training mask. Even many people think that this training mask is like some other breathing device and specially developed for strengthening the respiratory muscles and also minimize the effects of high altitude. When compared to other resistive devices, people can gain more benefits after using this extraordinary training mask.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

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How does it work?

One of the main key factors create this training mask effective is its increasing the dead volume. The larger dead volume can make this elevation training mask 2.0 as more efficient to use as like excellent DIY breathing device, Frolov device and Samozdrav that can be used at rest, especially for breathing exercises. Even most of the people can perform breathing exercises during walking. But this elevation training mask can present an ideal method to combine the physical activity with breathing exercises for higher body oxygen, better health and maximum carbon dioxide.

When people use this training mask, they might be experienced the reduced flow of oxygen. In addition to reduce oxygen, this mask can also increase the carbon dioxide content in the body. However, breathing is mainly regulated by the arterial carbon dioxide. The elevation training mask can also be used with various valves for modeling the sensations as like high altitude. By increasing the ventilation, it causes reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the arterial blood, lungs and other body cells. But this effect is not present in higher altitudes. 

How does Training Mask Work | Training Mask Review

Best ways to increase the positive effects of training mask

Normally, everyone can increase the positive effects of high altitude training mask. If people have done the exercises with training mask and lifestyle changes, it will increase the oxygen content in the body. They can also use this training mask effectively, during the cardio exercises alone, when people get over 20 seconds for the body- O2 test. If people have over 25 to 30 seconds for the oxygen test in the body, breathing control during flexibility and more exercise is possible.

This elevation training mask 2.0 can also be marketed as a great simulation of elevation in which the mask is forcing you to breathe against the resistance. This training mask can simply take a greater effort to breathe and make you feel funny to enjoy it. The elevation training mask is made up of two different parts such as mask, sleeve and valves, where the mask is made with silicon and the sleeve is made with neoprene. However, it has nicely created an amazing warm chamber and completely encloses your mouth and nose. You can also wear this mask while doing exercise in public and running down the street.


This elevation training mask 2.0 is an accessory, but not an essential thing to use. This training mask is quite cheaper to buy and you have to do fine research before buying it.


  • Well made
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Top quality materials
  • Increases mental toughness
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the respiratory system
  • Strengthens the inspiratory and expiratory muscles such as abdominal and diaphragm muscles


  • Mask can be expensive
  • Moves easily, if you are sweating
  • Look like Bain from Batman while wearing the mask
  • Does not cause the body to adapt physically to develop more red blood cells
  • Restricted breathing can be accomplished in many other ways


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Review on Elevation Training mask 2.0
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