Training Mask 2.0 Elevation Training Mask Review


As an athlete, amateur or professional, you are going to want to constantly push your body to the absolute brink. This is the only way in which you will be able to grow as a runner. There are plenty of methods for doing this, you probably utilize some of them yourself already. However, elevation training masks, just like this one, are something that many people out there do not think about. However, they have the ability to take your running to the next level.

This training mask 2.0 mimics running at a high altitude. If you are into your running, then you will know that many of the top runners train at a high altitude. This is because it allows them to develop their breathing. A key part of running is about how you breathe. You strengthen your lungs, you will be able to pump oxygen around your body far more effectively. When this happens, you will be able to work out for longer and far harder. Basically, if you regularly hit that wall, then training with an elevation mask like this will eradicate that wall once and for all. It is never going to be an issue again!

Of course, training at a high altitude is always going to be great, but not all of us have the ability or money to do this. This is why people need to look into masks like this one.

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Increased Lung Capacity

This is the main reason as to why people veer towards products like this mask. They boost the amount of oxygen that people are able to hold in their lungs.

As you may well know, your muscles thrive on oxygen. Your heart will pump that oxygen around your body via your blood. Of course, you need to have oxygen in your body for this to actually work. When you are really pushing yourself to the brink, it becomes harder and harder to breathe. This means that you are getting less oxygen into your body. The result is that your muscles are not going to get what they need. Basically, they are going to shut down. This is where you hit the wall. Your muscles will hurt. They will hurt a lot.

By boosting your lung capacity, which is what this mask helps with, you will be increasing the amount of oxygen that you have in your body at once. This means that your body will always have resources that it can tap into in order to shift that oxygen to the muscles that need it the most. Once again, we are going to point out that you will be able to work out longer and far harder.

Mental Focus

This is another major benefit of the mask. It will increase your overall mental focus. It is not only your muscles which are going to need oxygen when you are working out. Your brain is also going to need oxygen too. This will allow you to focus on your goal. Once again, we want to highlight the concept of the ‘wall’. This is where your body just gives up. You find it tough to push through. Basically, it is akin to hitting a wall. This is not just a physical concept, though. Oh no. It is also a mental concept. Give your brain the oxygen it needs, and you will continue to run.


Training Mask 2.0 – Specifications

  • Comes complete with various valves to allow you to create the illusion that you are ‘training’ at different altitudes. This includes 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000, 15000 and 18000 feet.
  • Available in both medium and large sizes
  • Made of a comfortable material. This ensures that you do not become ‘irritated’ by the mask when you are running.


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ManufactureTraining MaskTraining MaskDimokPhantom Athletics
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Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Reviews of Training Mask 2.0 are overwhelmingly positive. Most people who have used this mask do state that it takes a bit of getting used to. However, this is fair enough. They are complicated pieces of kit, and most of us have never run at a high altitude before. However, once you do get used to them, these things are going to be absolutely amazing. You are going to find it ridiculously easy to breathe, and you will really start to notice a benefit on your health.

One particular highlight is the fact that these masks are comfortable to wear. Most of the similar units on the market are very tight against the skin which can cause irritation. However, pop this thing on, and you will not even realize that it is there most of the time! This means that you will really be able to enjoy your run, which is what you want!

After just a few days of using this mask, according to reviews, you will notice that your overall health shoots up. This is not when you are wearing the mask either. Physical activities that you carry out in your day to day life will also see a massive improvement. You will be running massive distances (providing you were a reasonable runner, to begin with), within a few short weeks!

If there is just one complaint, it is that it does not have all the ‘bells and whistles’ of competing masks on the market. These things are immensely popular right now. We are talking hundreds of companies out there that provide them. This one does not come with all the accessories that those do. However, let’s be honest, you are not going to need to have all sorts of straps, and the cost of this one is far cheaper than others and, in our position, performs a whole lot better.

All in all, if you want an affordable running mask, then you are going to be hard-pressed to find one better than this on the market. There is a reason why it is so highly regarded! Why not check it out? These things are being snapped up incredibly quickly!




Training Mask 2.0 Elevation Training Mask Review
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