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Training masks – A beginner’s guide to understanding

Man with a Training Mask

Are you a budding athlete or a workout enthusiast? Want to take your performance to a totally new level where you can perform extraordinarily and amaze everyone around you? Well then, you need to train yourself in such a way that your body attains the ability to scale new levels, which hundreds of other people …

Things need to know about Dimok Hypoxic Workout Mask

Things need to know about Dimok Hypoxic Workout Mask

Elevation training is on the peak lately, and almost every other sports guy is trying to get one for themselves and train their body to the fullest. There are various benefits of training masks which include increased blood cell count, but there are certain cons of using it which might change your mind about buying …

Dimok Hypoxic Workout Mask Review

Dimok Hypoxic Workout Mask Review

Dimok hypoxic mask is specially designed to make your breathing patterns training in effective way and it strengthens your lung capacity. It made with the premium quality of components like medical silicone and nylon. This kind of mask designed with the numerous numbers of features which are including One of the best workout mask in …

Training Mask 2.0 Elevation Training Mask Review

Training Mask 2.0

Introduction: As an athlete, amateur or professional, you are going to want to constantly push your body to the absolute brink. This is the only way in which you will be able to grow as a runner. There are plenty of methods for doing this, you probably utilize some of them yourself already. However, elevation …

Endurance Training – Behind the Top Training Masks 2017

Training Mask Top List

The science of endurance training has become a key factor for athletes whether they are professionals or weekend warriors. Training masks have become a part of that new generation of athlete preferring a natural approach to their health and well-being. Training masks simulate high altitude training, forcing the body to adapt and overcome the challenge. …

Best way to breathe while running

Best way to breathe while running

Most people do not realize this, but running is not just about working out as hard as you can, as often as you can. It is not just about pushing your body to its absolute limit. It is not even just about determination. It is fine doing all of that, but if you are not …