Training mask Sleeves – Things to Consider Before Buying

Before jump into the facts about the Training mask Sleeves, let’s get an idea about training masks.   

What is a training mask?

You might have seen some athletes wearing a training mask during their training. And you might have wondered why these people are wearing this strange weird thing while training? Well, training masks are designed to control the airflow into your respiratory tract. By doing so these training masks can stimulate conditions at higher altitudes at the normal sea level, in other words, you can experience the benefits of training at higher altitudes.
These masks are also known as elevation training masks (ETMs) or altitude masks, and help you to achieve more physical performances in different ways,

It will boost your performance. By training with a training mask, you artificially create a higher altitude when you can’t physically be at a high altitude. In higher altitudes with low atmospheric pressure, you will inhale low O2 level than normal. This will drive your body to consume this less amount of O2 more efficiently. When you start to perform without the mask in the normal environment you will get a boost as your body has adapted to consume O2 more efficiently. By wearing a training mask, you achieve this beneficial effect in your normal environment. You will feel like your performances are getting better with time.

Increase your lung function capacity. 

When you breathe, mainly the chest muscles and the diaphragmatic muscles will work.
By wearing a training mask, your diaphragmatic muscles will tend to work more than previously. By that, your residual lung capacity will get increased and your respiration will be more efficient.
Training mask sleeves play an important role here. A training mask should fit snuggly over your mouth and nose to get the maximum benefit of it. So, the training mask covers should have some important features to get the maximum benefits.


Sleeves are coming in various materials. Before purchasing you should choose the best material which suits you. Some may irritant your skin and some may be slippery while sweating. You should think about the flexibility of the sleeves too, as they should be good enough to fit with your face.

Adjustment with the valves:

As valves are the most important part of the mask, the sleeve should not block the valves. Valves should be kept intact to adjust the air inflow.


You should select a sleeve that suits your expected usage. If you are going to use the sleeve for a longer duration you have to buy a sleeve with good durability.


By wearing a training mask, itself gives you a different look. By selecting the correct sleeve, you can adjust that look like your wish.


Sleeves are coming in different sizes; you have to choose the correct size to get the maximum benefit and comfort.

Best Training Mask Sleeves

SleeveFit toBuy From Amazon
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Preda-tore Sleeve, MediumTraining Mask 2.0
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 "Sun Burst" Sleeve OnlyTraining Mask 2.0
Super Steel Sleeve - Blue-RedTraining Mask 2.0
Termination Terminator SleeveTraining Mask 2.0
Training Mask 3.0 Limited Edition - Punisher , Black Panther and Insane BaneTraining Mask 3.0 - Not Selling Separately

Training mask Sleeves - Things to Consider Before Buying
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Training mask Sleeves - Things to Consider Before Buying
Training mask Sleeves helps us to fully customize the Training Mask 2.0 and 3.0. Here are few things to Consider Before Buying Sleeves.
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